ATX Lat Machine LSW 630

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ATX Lat Machine LSW 630

- Robust construction and compact design

- It allows for exercises on the upper and lower pulleys without the need for specific adjustments.

- On the upper pulley, it enables pulls in the vertical direction, such as wide-grip pull-ups (LAT), narrow pull-ups, triceps extension, single-arm crossover, etc.

- On the lower pulley, it enables pulls in the horizontal plane, such as seated rowing (wide, narrow), elbow flexion, abduction, adduction, hip extension, and arm abduction (shoulders).

- The device has adjustable thigh support (for downward pulls) and leg support for seated rowing.

- Accessories such as a LAT bar, rowing attachment, and single-grip handle are not included in the price. The pulley arrangement allows for direct load on both (upper and lower pulleys).


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Length: 122 cm

Width: 66 cm

Heigth: 212 cm

Weight: 165 kg 

Max Weight: 150 kg

Weight stack: 115 kg

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