ATX Monster Full Functional Gym

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ATX ® Monster Full-Functional Gym: Your ultimate among workout stations with a maximum of training options!

  • Half Rack & Multipress for your heavy compound exercises to build strength & mass 
  • Multi-pulling machine with 2 x 100 kg plug-in weights for the full spectrum of cable exercises
  • Dip bars & multi pull-up bar for maximum training success through effective bodyweight exercises
  • T-bar rowing station & 11-piece handle & pull-up bar selection for maximum training variety

The ATX ® Monster Full-Functional Gym is truly a superlative training station ! Benefit from an almost inexhaustible selection of training options that give you the best possible training experience - thanks to certified studio quality with 100% gym feeling! 

Use the half rack for heavy dumbbell training with basic exercises - thanks to the multiple adjustable emergency rests & J-hooks, you can always train with a high level of security even at the performance limit and experience perfect training conditions. If that's not enough for you, switch to the  multi-press , which offers you maximum safety and a high level of training comfort thanks to the precise and silky-soft dumbbell and 13 locking options as well as an adjustable emergency rest.

The 32-fold height-adjustable multi-pulling device with 2 x 100 kg plug-in weights guarantees you the maximum range of cable exercises - so you put your muscles under constant tension for maximum training stimuli! Thanks to the knee/pad rollers, you also have the option of   converting the cable pull into a lat pull station (multibank required).For even more variety, the ATX ® Monster Full-Functional Gym also includes a dip and pull-up station that allows you to do effective bodyweight training. Thanks to the very high load capacities (see information below), training with high additional weight is also no problem!

The integrated T-Bar rowing station also allows you to effectively stimulate your back muscles from a different angle. 

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All benefits for your workout at a glance:

  • Double - multifunctional pulling device with 2 x 100 kg plug-in weights with protective covering (ratio 1:2)
  • Multipress with linear ball bearing guide / disc holder 50 mm
  • Free Dumbbell Rack / Power Rack 

In addition, a variety of integrated / detachable parts and accessories are included:

  • Adjustable dip bars with two different grip widths
  • Pull Up Bar Multi / Monkey Chin
  • T bar rowing station
  • lat pulldown station
  • 2 adjustable and removable start / storage hooks for free barbell training
  • 2 adjustable and removable safety racks / emergency racks for the barbell
  • 4 chrome band pegs for attaching and training with resistance bands
  • with 2 weight plate racks 50 mm
  • with 2 barbell racks 50 mm
  • 11 Piece Grip & Pull Bar Assortment & Wide Cross-Tube Bar (As Shown) 
  • The double-sided, multi-functional pulling device with 2 x 100 kg plug-in weights enables all imaginable
    one-armed and two-armed pulling exercises. Thanks to the 32-fold height adjustability, you will always find your optimal training position. Thanks to the padding support included in the scope of delivery, the device can be quickly converted into a fully-fledged lat pulldown.
  • The multi press runs with linear guided ball bearings on specially hardened shafts. Your advantage? You train absolutely vibration-free and silky soft - jamming impossible! The knurled barbell offers a high grip and has a maximum reach of 1120 mm - with an adjustable safety / emergency rest for your safe training at the limit! The weight plate holder is Ø 50 mm.
  • The start / shelf hooks and the emergency / safety shelves are to be hooked onto the two thick-walled support posts. The device can thus be converted quickly and easily into a fully-fledged half-rack for free weight training. The shelves are made of thick-walled/heavy square tubing and can be precisely adjusted to 24 different heights. 
  • The device is made exclusively from high-quality components and is therefore suitable for professional use.
  • All rollers are ball-bearing
  • Plug-in weights made from CNC-manufactured solid steel running on precision solid steel shafts


Pull Up Bar - 300kg
Dip Bars - 200kg
Free Dumbbell Rack / Shelf - 300kg
Multi Press - 200kg


  • Diameter of the weight plate mounts: 50 mm
  • Suitable for all standard barbell bars and weight plates Ø 50 mm 
  • the front post size is 70 mm (width) x 50 mm (depth), the post holes are Ø 25 mm

Scope of delivery:

  • an ATX ® Monster full-functional gym
  • with 2 integrated weight blocks, each 100 kg, increments of 5 kg, with safety cover
  • with 2 integrated weight plate racks Ø 50 mm
  • with 2 integrated barbell racks Ø 50 mm
  • with integrated pull-up bar
  • with removable dip bars
  • with hookable T-Bar rowing station
  • with 2 knee/pad rolls
  • with 4 chrome-plated longitudinal bars/band pegs for training with resistance bands
  • with 11-piece pull/handle bar set
  • with 2 short storage hooks - for free barbell training
  • with 2 long emergency/safety racks - for free and safe barbell training 
  • Supplied on a pallet - disassembled, including assembly instructions
  • Weight plates, barbells, resistance bands - are not included in the delivery

Data sheet: 

Brand: ATX

Seris: 700

Broad: 205 cm

Height: 230 cm

Depth: 140 cm

Weight: 450 kg

Resiliance: Pull-up bar 300 kg, dip bars 200 kg, free dumbbell rack / shelf 300 kg, multi-press 200 kg

Color: Black semi-matt fine structure powder-coated

Certification: EN 20957 I.II.IV - p

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