ATX Power Bar Chrome Max 700 kg - Spring steel

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The ATX® Power Bars are precisely manufactured weight bars with a high-end finish made of high-quality alloyed special steel/spring steel.

The barbell has an extremely high tensile and compressive strength while at the same time being elastic. This means that the barbells can be deformed up to a certain tension (elastic limit) and then return elastically to their original state without any permanent deformation. The decisive factor here is the optimal high-quality alloy made from, among other things, chromium, molybdenum, silicon and manganese. Whether for weightlifting or powerlifting, ATX® dumbbell bars can withstand even the most extreme demands and therefore meet the highest demands.

The ATX® dumbbell bars are therefore unrivaled in this price/performance segment!

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  • Material - special steel according to EN 102775-5
  • Tensile Strength (Tesile Strength): 206000 psi = 206 K (K/KSI = Kilopound per Square inch)
  • Abrasion-resistant hard chrome plating
  • Extra-grip precision knurling with 2-fold grip width marking
  • Holders Ø 50 mm, rotatable – with maintenance-free precision brass bushings
  • Suitable for all commercially available weight plates with a bore diameter of 50/51 mm
  • End faces encapsulated in high quality, with ATX® color code logo: red


Brand ATX
Type Barbell bar
Scope of application Multipurpose
Suitable for dropping YES
Max. load capacity 700 kg
Overall length 2200 mm
Weight 20,0 kg +/- 0.2%
Handle diameter 28,5mm
Reach mark 810 mm/910 mm
Center knurling NO
Storage Brass bushings
Coating rod Hard chrome plating
Coating recording Hard chrome plating
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