ATX Torso Trainer

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The torso trainer from the ATX ® series is a top-class, multifunctional abdominal and back device
and offers a comprehensive range of exercises for the back extensor and the entire abdominal musculature. The ATX ® Torso Trainer is approved for studio use! Certified according to EN 957.

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  • Versatile adjustment and setting options
    - precisely adjustable to the respective trainee and the respective exercise variant
  • for muscle building - ideal for strengthening and rehabilitation
  • adjustable angle of inclination of the main pad
  • adjustable foot/support pads
  • with handles - for safety and easy entry and exit
  • The following exercises are possible:
    Hyperextension - in different inclination/exercise angles, horizontal and oblique,
    back flex for the lower back
    extensor Roman Chair - abdominal crunches
    Abdominal crunches - flat, abdominal crunches steep / oblique, sit-ups
    leg raises - with supporting handles and Training of the lateral abdominal muscles
  • comfortable padding
  • Back-friendly
  • Safe and versatile handling / range of exercises
  • with rubberized feet, floor-friendly and non-slip
  •  with transport rollers 

- Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S -

L x W x H: 125 cm x 67 x 67-100 cm Net

50 kg

Load capacity:
200 kg

Supplied in cardboard packaging - disassembled

Price per piece.

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