Olympic pole eco FI 50 mm- 220 cm max 250 kg chrome

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  • sliding bearing
  • material: solid steel
  • chrome
  • total length: 220 cm
  • inner width of the bar: 132 cm
  • bushing dimensions (where the rods are loaded): diameter: 50 mm and 390 mm)
  • weight approx. 15 kg
  • the maximum limit load of the bar is 250 kg for a wide grip, e.g. Bench press
  • reduced limit load of the rod 160 kg for a narrow grip e.g. dead lift
  • minimum limit load of the bar 120 kg pointwise e.g. squat (see image below)
  • the diameter of the plate between the attachment for weights is 28mm
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The specified maximum load of the barbell is only under optimal conditions!
With exercises such as Wide-grip Bench press, the theoretical maximum load of the barbell is possible. In central Selective load transfer, such as squat, the maximum verringet. Capacity!
Failure to comply with the limits given in the tables load and application areas of damage to the dumbbells are possible! Exchange and warranty are excluded in this case!

The actual load limits, please refer to the table below! See also related graphic below!
Type of load transfer maximum allowable load weight of the dumbbell exercises as
Wide grip width: 250 KG Bench Press
Mean grip width: 160 KG Deadlift
Selectively middle / narrow handle width: 120 KG Squat

The following table shows the permitted uses for the dumbbell are listed.
Approval application notes & limitations
Fitness: YES dumbbell is not suitable to be dropping / falling!
Crossfit: NO
Weightlifting: NO

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