Compression Collars 50 mm

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This compression collar has an internal metal band that is pressed onto the dumbbell surface by screwing the rotary knob. This prevents the locking screw from pressing directly and selectively onto the receptacle, as is the case with conventional adjusting rings, but rather from the metal strip being pressed onto the receptacle across the surface. Damage to the mount or the coating is therefore impossible.


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  • Suitable for all dumbbell bars - holders Ø 50 mm
  • Solid and high-quality design
  • Coating - quality chrome plating
  • Strongly securing
  • Rotary toggle Ø 12 mm
  • Thickness/width: approx. 34 mm
  • Weight: each piece / approx. 0,6 kg
  • Price per pair
Material Solid steel
Color Bright chrome
Width approx. 34mm
Weight 0,6 kg
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