Life Fitness kolo poševno Integrity Discover SE3 HD - Razstavni model, letnik 2020

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Profesionalno ležeče kolo Life Fitness Integrity Series s konzolo Discover SE3 HD na dotik. Kolo je zelo malo rabljeno, odlično ohranjen 10/10 ter tehnično brezhibno. Leto izdelave: 2020. Trgovinska cena proizvajalca: cca 7000€

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Maximum resistance (Watts): 500

Resistance Levels: 0-25

Wireless connectivity: Yes

Workouts: Manual, Quick Start, Hill, Random, Time Goal, Distance Goal, Calories Goal, Heart Rate Goal, Rolling Hills, Speed Interval, Incline Interval

Device Interactivity: QR Code, Bluetooth connectivity (device and HR strap), NFC (Near Field Communication)

Other Features: Workout replay (repeat a previous workout), Trending workouts (Trainer designed, auto-refresh workouts), Workout performance history (View performance trends on last 10 workouts)

Fine-tuned seat adjustment positions: 41

Cup Holders: 2


Discover SE3 HD konzola:

SE3 HD: 16” (41 cm) 1080p touch screen

Connectivity: Internet (wired or wireless), proximity login via Bluetooth , NFC, or RFID

Entertainment: Video streaming apps, Lifescape and RunSocial (treadmills), RideSocial (non-treads), interactive courses, TV, integration with popular fitness apps

Streaming Entertainment Apps: Netflix, YouTube, The Economist, ESPN , Newsy , Flipboard , Pandora, Internet Browser

Wearable Compatibility: Apple Watch , Samsung Galaxy Watch



Dolžina: 171 cm

Širina: 97 cm

Višina: 107 cm

Teža: 98 kg

Max teža uporabnika: 181 kg

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