Life Fitness Signature Torso Rotation

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Life Fitness Signature Torso Rotation allows the user to efficiently train the abdominal and lower back muscles. The pivot point above the head creates a natural arc of motion, the exceptional biomechanical movement makes it a fantastically smooth system to use in your facility.

The Used Life Fitness Signature Torso Rotation has an unusual kneeling position that is very significant in reducing stress on your lower back while on a routine. The adjustable chest pad accommodate a wide range of users and the knee and handle supports provide maximum stability while exercising.

Device is perfectly preserved and technically perfect.



- Adjustable chest pad accommodates users of all sizes

- Handles and knee supports provide stabilisation

- Kneeling position minimises low back stress

- Contoured padding for comfortable operation

- Rubber handles provide superior grip

- Adjustable start position on the strut allows the user to determine the range of motion

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Length: 122 cm

Width: 91 cm 

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 236 kg

Weight stack: 95 kg 

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