ATX Multi Bar Rocket Series 20 kg

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This high-quality Multi Bar / Hybrid Bar from the ATX ®  - Rocket Series can be used all-round due to its design. The dual reach markings enable quick and precise orientation for specific applications for powerlifting and weightlifting. The handle diameter is 28.5 mm and the extra raised knurling 1.2 ensures a secure grip. The setting of the high-quality steel is chosen at 165,000 PSI to ensure good rigidity while maintaining elasticity - ideal for medium to heavy loads, whether weightlifting, powerlifting or cross-training, especially as this multi bar is suitable for dropping . The weight plate holders have bronze bearings , ensure good spin and are very robust and shock-resistant . The coating of the handle bar and holders in shiny chrome has good abrasion resistance. An all-round successful dumbbell bar with excellent workmanship, precise dimensions and a high-quality finish.

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  • High-strength special steel with 165,000 PSI
  • Can hold up to 450 kg
  • very grippy knurling 1.2
  • Backlash-free, silky-smooth concentricity of the mounts thanks to precise bronze bearings
  • Dual reach marking (weightfting + powerlifting) 
  • End faces with logo end cap securely encapsulated with a circlip
  • Suitable for dropping
  • Coating - holders & handle bar:
    Bright chrome is a classic coating as we know it from bathroom fittings. A very thin chrome layer of less than 0.5 µm is applied over a previously applied nickel layer (1 µm (pronounced Mü)/ micrometer = 0.001 mm!) In contrast to hard chrome, where the chrome layer is significantly thicker, the wear and impact resistance is therefore lower – but can still be described as good.
  • Total length: 220cm
  • Handle diameter: 28.5mm
  • Total weight: 20kg

ATX ® offers first-class, tested and proven equipment with a guarantee!
The ATX ® dumbbell bars are tested for continuous and maximum load in our in-house test center.

Furthermore, all batches are subjected to the following material tests as part of quality assurance in a German independent testing laboratory:

  • Tensile test according to DIN EN ISO 6892-1
    Tensile test acc. To DIN EN ISO 6892-1
  • Notched impact according to DIN ISO 6892
  • Hardness Rockwell acc. to DIN EN ISO 6508-1
    Hardness Rockwell acc. DIN EN ISO 6508-1
  • Metallographic examination – qualitative determination of the metal structure
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