ATX Trinity Tower Ultimate Lat Pulldown Station 3 in 1

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Correct and stable positioning as well as first-class running properties are a prerequisite for heavy, intensive back training on a lat pull-down station. The ATX ® Trinity Tower offers these requirements like no other model.

The innovative rope length adjustment allows you to set the optimal stretch dimension and the pulling stroke for all body sizes from 155 cm to 200 cm. The comfortable seat cushion can be folded down into a long bench with one hand, the leg/foot rest can be positioned in 11 different support angles , so the optimal positioning can be quickly and easily adjusted for every body size and exercise variant - the folding seat cushion and adjustable leg footrest are Completely ball-bearing on both sides and ensure quick and smooth handling when adjusting.

The very stable construction, precision weight carriage, double ball-bearing aluminum cable pulleys and the stretch-free steel cable ensure first-class, silky-smooth running properties.

The heavy weight block with 135 kg plug-in weights allows even strong athletes to do heavy lat pulldown and rowing training for maximum training results. The roller band pegs allow for even heavier dynamic weight loads 


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Length: 175,5 cm - 218 cm

Width: 111 cm

Height: 235 cm

Weight: 287 kg


- Ultimate lat pull-down station with 3 different pull orientations, each with perfect ergonomics

- With rope length adjustment for optimal adjustment of handle height, stretch dimension and pulling stroke

- First-class, silky-smooth running properties thanks to double ball-bearing aluminum rollers and precision plug-in weight guide

- With 135 kg plug-in weights

- Nit roller band pegs for attaching resistance bands for even heavier dynamic loads

- Professional traction station with maximum freedom of movement and perfect biomechanics

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